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Florida Breweries & Why You Should Visit

March 30, 2021 Florida Travel Pod, Julie Gazdecki Season 1 Episode 13
Florida Travel Pod
Florida Breweries & Why You Should Visit
Show Notes

What's up this week?
This week we’re super excited to talk about Breweries around Florida. If you know anything about us, even virtually, you know we end up talking about drinking in just about every episode. This week we’re pleased to bring in a special guest who has visited dozens of breweries across the state of Florida. Welcom Julie Gazdecki from How We Find Happy.

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Location and Product Mentions

Central Florida

  1. https://howwefindhappy.com/how-to-find-the-best-central-florida-breweries/breweries/
  2. Rockpit
  3. Persimmon Hollow
  4. Motorworks
  5. Wops Hops
  6. Wolf Branch
  7. Playalinda Brewing
  8. Sanford Brewing
  9. Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company

Fort Lauderdale/Vero

  1. https://howwefindhappy.com/breweries-to-visit-around-fort-lauderdale/breweries/
  2. Invasive Species
  3. Laser Wolf
  4. Funky Buddha
  5. Khoffner Brewing

Have you ever been to these breweries?  Do you love a brewery in these areas that we didn't mention?  Comment your favorites here.  And what is your favorite brew?

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